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Evidence & Vaccinations

After many years in research, I am fully convinced of the importance of scientific studies for the evaluation of drugs. Only by performing elaborate, especially planned, executed, and controlled studies is it possible to assess the efficacy of a drug in a patient cohort. I have participated myself in such studies and have become an advocate of evidence-based medicine (EBM).

Therefore, I cannot prescribe or use any drugs or treatment methods that have not been tested in such studies.

Vaccinations are some of the most important developments of modern science and have saved millions of lives over the last decades. Before a vaccination is recommended by a state, it has to undergo a thorough examination process to ensure safety and efficacy. As a pediatrician, I therefore fully support the recommendations of the Austrian vaccination plan (Impfplan). Vaccinations are not only important for you and your child, but can protect other children who cannot be immunized due to their young age or underlying diseases.

In order to protect such patients at risk, I can only treat children who have received the basic children's vaccinations or will receive them.

I would be glad to take the time and discuss with you the topics evidence-based medicine and vaccinations if necessary.

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