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Since youth I have been fascinated by pediatrics and pediatric neurology. The following training confirmed my interests.

Major steps in training:

Since October 2023: Locum doctor at private pediatric center Glückskind in 1070 Vienna

2022: Founding of private practice as a pediatrician in 1090 Vienna

2020-2023: Fellowship in Pediatric Neurology at the Medical University of Vienna (MUV), attending physician at the Department of Pediatrics at MUV


2013-2020: Residency in Pediatrics at MUV


2013-2020: Doctoral studies: Clinical Neurosciences at MUV (Dr. scient. med., international PhD)

Doctoral thesis on antibody-associated neurological diseases


2006-2013: Medical School at MUV (Dr. med. univ.) with foreign exchange visits in Taiwan, Brazil, and Bulgaria.

Diploma thesis on epilepsy surgery


2011-2012: Research training at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA))


2008-2018: Philosophy at University of Vienna (Bachelor of Arts, BA)


Link to CV

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